Here we go. My Dad and I are riding our road bikes from the base of the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario Canada to Copley Square in Boston, Massachusetts USA!


I am a respiratory researcher and therapist. I know first hand the need and essential work being done to discover optimal therapies to treat patients with lung disorders. All of us are touched by someone who has battled lung disease- the 4th leading cause of death in the US and 3rd leading cause of death in Canada.

My Grandpa (Pa) was a lifelong smoker who quit and restarted smoking many times. He struggled with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder and passed from lung cancer too soon.

The American Respiratory Care Foundation (ARCF) is a nonprofit organization formed for the purpose of supporting research, education, and charitable activities. The ARCF seeks to educate the public about respiratory health, assist in the training and continuing education of health care providers, and improve the quality of our environment.

I want to support the ARCF and raise awareness with this trip so please share!!!

I’d also like to confess that I really enjoy a challenge and I can’t wait to get this trip started.

Stay tuned for more updates about planning the trip, fundraising efforts and updates during the journey.


-Craig Smallwood


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