Day 1- 105 miles… Oops

We got a little bit of a late start but pulled away from the CN tower (which was once the world’s tallest freestanding structure) at 9am. 
So the original plan was to do 84 miles. We did 105. Oops. 

As for the ride…
The bike paths in Toronto are awesome. The first 10km/6 miles had dedicated bike paths. Then things got a little tight and had to share the road for the remainder of the journey to Brighton ON. Weather was hot, a little humid, not a cloud in the sky.

All in all I’d say we got by relatively unscathed. No flat tires. We did have a couple problems with my Dad’s rack. I think it was a little overloaded with the amount of fluids he was carrying because the brackets which attach it to the frame bent. It survived the ride… But barely. We will have to stop at a hardware store to fix it up tomorrow. As for myself, everything worked great, except for the rear brake that was rubbing (aka slowing me down). I didn’t really notice until we got about 80 miles into the journey and I was really having to work hard to maintain a decent speed. Looking back- I think this was happening for 50-60 miles. So I inadvertently was doing resistance training. My bad. Problem solved.

The B&B we are staying at is legit. The hosts are great. He gave us a ride to dinner since we are staying out of town and he figured we wouldn’t want to ride our bikes into town and back (he figured right). Thanks Kent! He also took us in style. Check out his ride in the pic. 


I’ve drank about 6 liters of fluid today, got a good dinner at a restaurant on the shores of Lake Ontario and am ready for tomorrow. 

By the way, if you haven’t already done so, please support my ride by making a donation to the American Respiratory Care Foundation.

Thanks for your support. 

See you tomorrow!


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