Day 2- 91 miles, 3 ferries and the USA

The last 7 miles of the journey…

We get off the ferry from Kingston, ON to Wolfe Island. We hope off the ferry at 6:39pm and we have 21 minutes before the next ferry leaves AND we still have 7 miles to get there. We start pounding on it. This ain’t touring speed. This is full on drafting, rotating who leads every few minutes- Tour de France style riding (at least that’s how it felt).  Dad put up a good effort but at the end of a long day on the road we were both a bit beat. We averaged 22-24 miles per hour. We pull into the ferry boarding area at near full speed, board using the ramp with 2 minutes to spare. Phew… We are on our way to Cape Vincent, USA. 

Here’s how we got there…

We began the in Brighton, ON after a great breakfast at the B&B. The original plan was the take the Millenium trail to Glenora where we would take our first ferry ride. The trail was a no go; gravel, dirt, terrible. Not a big deal, just had to stick to the main roads which added a couple extra miles. The bulk of the ride was on the Loyalist Parkway which offered great views of Lake Ontario. 

I really dig all the 18th century heritage. After a solid morning and afternoon of riding we arrived in Kingston which has many historical sites including forts, gun emplacements and other 18th and 19th century buildings (important structures to protect against the American rebels).

We board our second ferry. But not before a 50 minute wait and some Tim Hortens. The wait didn’t bother us one bit. Riding this much, you really just look forward to not sitting on that friggen bike seat. So it was a needed respite. 

“Beware of propeller”- our last ferry ride from Wolfe Island in Canada to the US came VERY close to a large cargo vessel. The area we crossed is a big shipping lane. 

Welcome to the United States of America. 

We still have plenty of ground to cover but it feels good to be about 1/3 of the way done. If we can keep this up we will shave a day off of our anticipated journey and arrive in Boston after 6 days. Whig would be excellent. I’m really looking forward to seeing my wife and baby girl. 
I’m logging a lot of miles for the ARCF. Nearly 200 this far. But it’s totally worth it. I’ve seen a lot of generosity and it’s a great cause. Go ARCF. 


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