Day 3- 95 miles. Fields, hills, cows, fields and more cows…

A very hilly ride today. I recall when I was plotting our route on Google that one day in upstate NY was going to be hilly. That was today. Today also happened to be the windiest day so far; with cross-head winds at 10-20 miles per hour. We’ve seen a lot of wind turbines on our route. Now I know why…

Despite the hills and the wind it was actually a great day. The paved shoulders afforded plenty of room between us and automotive traffic and we were on country roads for half the day. At one point, we travelled 15 miles and got passed by 1 car and one GIGANTIC tractor.  That’s it…. It was so nice. 

As the title suggested, we were in rural upstate New York. Lots of farmers out cutting hay, kids playing in roadside ponds, horses and cows looking curiously upon us as we pass and… slurry storage systems… I’ll let you look up what that is…

The Black River is a great rafting spot. I only brought my bike though. 

Our planned lunch stop in Boonville, NY was a bust. We were hoping to grab some food and refill our water bottles, which we needed desperately. However, the single corner store and diner were both closed for the holiday. 

Fortunately, one of the locals was kind enough to give us some water and even some ice. We spent a few minutes chatting about the ride and he showed us his brand new 2016 Harley Iron, 2200cc. The guy was great but I didn’t even catch his name. I guess I’ll remember his as Iron Man. Thanks for the water Iron Man!

The next town was 11 miles down the road so we rode on. We took a late lunch break grabbed a sub, drank plenty of fluids and the hit the road for the final 19 miles of the day.

What a way to end the day…

All the climbing we had done earlier in the day was paid back in full. We traversed the final 19 miles in about 56 minutes. At one point I deserved a speeding ticket. The posted limit was 40mph and I was doing 43-44mph. OK… I probably would get away with a warning; but I felt pretty good about myself for technically speeding on a bicycle. 

We arrived in Barneveld (our destination) at 5pm. Dinner was at a gas station. I admit that sounds terrible; but it really wasn’t too bad. Actually it was kind of delicious. I ate a large BLT, salad and vanilla milkshake. BTW, I know that my body is essentially in survival mode at this point. As such, my body is so desperate for calories that my brain is going to send delicious signals to me no matter what I ate. But I’m OK with that.

We really have been blessed with great weather thus far. It’s been 70s-80s the whole trip. A little windy, but beautiful. 

Apparently this is a problem in Barneveld. 

Laundry day…

Tomorrow we are heading to Albany. 
We noticed today that My Dad’s front derailer is missing a spring and is therefore out of action. The bike is still ridable, but he won’t be able to downshift to get up hills. So other than lots more miles, staying hydrated and eating tons of food, we will find a shop tomorrow to get a replacement (probably not until we hit Albany).

Another important development is our ETA to Boston. We had originally forecasted a 7 day trip/Friday arrival. But we have averaged a little under 100 miles each day so it looks like we are shaving a day off the trip. We’re kind of crushing it.

Halfway there!  

Don’t forget to share this with all your rich and generous friends so they can support the #lungride for the American Respiratory Care Foundation. 

See you tomorrow. 


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