Day 4- More hills! And the NY State Capital


Time is running out! We are pounding the miles. Please click that big red donate button and support the American Respiratory Care Foundation! Also, thanks to all our supporters; for your encouragement and donations!

Check out the video update below.

We got a bit of an earlier jump on the day this morning. We were the first customers in and out of the diner in Barneveld NY. Packed up, sunscreen applied, water bottles filled and we hit the trail. 

I thought yesterday was hilly. It wasn’t. Today “was relentless” as my Dad put it. At one point we just stopped looking for a summit because everytime we thought we had reached the peak, our hopes were dashed. 

We passed by the Erie Canal on several occasions. It’s impressive to think that at one point the waterway was a major shipping lane. 

If you read yesterday’s post then you are aware that my Dad’s bike had a busted front derailer. On a flat day, this wouldn’t be a big deal because for the most part you would keep the chain on the large front ring. BUT, on a hilly day like today, he really could have used it. I actually felt a little bad for him; so to even the score I resolved to only use my large front chain ring as well. Misery loves company… Plus, I’m a glutton for punishment. 

The derailer eventually just started falling apart so we had to make a roadside pit stop to rip it off the frame. 

9.8 metres per second squared + full grown human + bike + 30 lbs (packs, gear and fluids) + HILL = lots of work

Despite all the climbing I would say the worst part of today’s ride was a 5 mile stretch in the suburbs leading into downtown Albany: traffic and culverts. It wasn’t too terrible I just prefer the country road riding we have been doing the last couple days. 

We arrived in Albany at 430pm and went straight to the bike shop. We had called ahead to ensure that they have the part we needed. 

20 minutes and $70 bucks later and my Dad is the proud owner of a used, but now fully functional road bike. 

About a 3 minute ride from the shop was the State Capital park. I flagged some locals to grab a picture of us. They were nice enough to ablidge. Plus, they didn’t steal my phone. 

Tomorrow we head to Agawam, MA. It’s going to be a (*slightly) lighter day, 88 miles. My in-laws are putting us up for the night. Thanks Beth and Brad!
To get to Agawam we will be heading through the Berkshires. Looking forward to another climbing day… 

Seriously though, we’re crushing it. 


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