Day 5. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Berkshires.

Today was tough. 

On the day we had nearly 6000 feet of vertical gain. 

We said goodbye to Albany at 820am and we were immediately climbing. One of the benefits of climbing is that you can get out of the saddle for a few minutes; an EXTREMELY welcome break.

The first 2/3 of the day was a pretty steady grind. Rarely did our speed top 10mph. We even had the chance to ride on some gravel roads. It sounds worse than it was. There was no traffic and good tree cover provided some shade. 

Made it back to Massachusetts! 

Our lunch stop was in Lee, MA; a quaint,  almost stereotypical New England town. 

During lunch a couple tourists came in to our cafe and asked if they could take our picture… Sure. 

After lunch we passed by an old Shaker Town which had been converted into a museum. 

Today was the most time we have spent on the bike, logging nearly 6 hours of riding (not including rest stops and lunch). We arrived in Agawam just before 5pm. The in laws have been great. A huge meal of pasta, salad and Italian baked goods. I feel ready for the last day tomorrow. 

This trip has flown by. It’s been great spending time with my Dad. He still has it! After all these years (he’s going to by 60 later this month) and he has plenty of speed left!

Last day tomorrow: Agawam to Boston. We plan to depart at 830 with a target of arriving in Boston in the early afternoon. I can’t wait to see my wife and baby girl. I’m also really looking forward to seeing my Mom and Sister who have come into town for the event (and also to give my Dad a ride home). 

Thanks again for the support. We are on the home stretch!


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