About the Ride

Being a respiratory therapist and researcher, I know the work that the ARCF supports is essential. The ARCF works to support our patients and our profession; through advocacy, research and importantly, the dissemination of relevant knowledge to the field. On a more personal note, my Grandpa (“Pa”) who I really looked up to, battled lung disease for a number of years. He was a life-long smoker who quit and restarted often. He went before his time. Although my work isn’t directly related to COPD or smoking cessation, I think in many ways he’s the reason I became intrigued by pulmonary physiology and pathophysiology. Lung disease and the work of respiratory therapists is a big deal. To this day, 1 in 5 Americans die from smoking. It’s crazy. And lung disease remains a leading cause of death in the US and Canada. I believe these are problems that can be solved and I believe that RTs and the ARCF are part of that solution.

High adventure through eastern Canada and the US is also crucial. Riding bikes 583 miles?! Piece of cake. My Dad is almost 60 and he’s doing this ride! You supporting the American Respiratory Care Foundation? No problem….

Please donate!

I’m paying for this ride out of my own pocket so that the money that you donate goes directly to the American Respiratory Care Foundation.

The American Respiratory Care Foundation is a nonprofit organization formed for the purpose of supporting research, education, and charitable activities. The ARCF seeks to educate the public about respiratory health, assist in the training and continuing education of health care providers, and improve the quality of our environment.